A campaign that would make Alibaba proud.

It’s just the best feeling to grow together with your clients.

The collaboration that started with doing a tiny yet badass campaign for Rohlik back in 2019 has grown into launching the new Sezamo brand (that is how Rohlik will become known in new markets) on the Italian, Romanian and Spanish markets in 2022.

What a hell of a journey.

We came up with a communication concept called “Open sezamo” referring to Alibaba who is famously known for opening caves and new markets in style.
Only in this case, we’ve decided to open doors to ultra-yummy food, not a boring old dusty cave.

Which led to this work of art, that we have created together with our friend Marek Partyš, who just happens to be one of the best Czech directors living today.

Supported by 25 visuals in which we’re opening an imaginary portal that leads to the world of the best supermarket and farmer's market produce.

These were shot by another friend of ours - Pavel Hejný, who is among the best Czech photographers and quite possibly one of the nicest human beings on this planet.

Who’s hungry?

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“The best production crew makes you feel useless during shooting.“

Creative director, while eating every piece of food around