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A trolley's nightmare before Christmas

Have you ever wondered how nice it would be to completely skip the madness that ensues in the supermarkets during Christmas? Queuing for hours while having to listen to “Last Christmas” so many times you start wishing it would actually be your last? These things are pretty hard to be nostalgic about.

But there is someone who’s going to notice your absence. So much so that he’ll come around to your house. Will stalk you. Take revenge upon you for abandoning them. Meet this year's antagonist of our international campaign for Rohlik Group a mad trolley that misses their customers and is heading out to take revenge!

Yes, we did not create a classic heartwarming Christmas ad. Yes, it's spooky and scary, with all those squeaky door sounds and screeching noises. We weren't afraid. And neither was our client who decided to launch the campaign in various countries: Czechia (rohlik.cz), Austria (Gurkerl.au), Germany (Knuspr.de)e, Hungary (Kifli.hu) and Romania (Sezamo.ro).

Was it challenging? Yes. We had to consider different habits and traditions of people around the globe to make sure it would work everywhere, all the while keeping it bold and edgy. We also had to manage several international teams. But the end result is a delicious gift for us. 

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"This trolley is such an ass!"

The client