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A tale about how we saved one guy‘s Christmas

Smash it, rip it, crush it, ditch it? What would you do if you would’ve gotten the worst and most hideous Christmas present ever and no one was around to see it? 

That’s exactly what we have made the heroine of Notino’s Christmas campaign do - express herself in a way we’ve all always wanted but didn’t, so that we woudln’t hurt someone’s feelings. 

Christmas is the time of the year, when feel-good ads are practically inescapable and figuratively the same. So we knew we’d have to stand out with ours, and instead of a heartwarming carols and fireplace niceness we brought a little horror to your living rooms.

And to think that these awkward situations could easily be avoided. Simply shop at Notino! Because it offers only the gifts that never disappoint andmake Christmas a peaceful time, the way it’s is supposed to be. 

No Christmas tree, decorations or feelings were harmed in the making of this ad. Just kidding, they all were.

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