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The meat that kicks ass!

Who wouldn’t love a chunk of meat pumped with water and additives, bland in taste and so fragile it falls apart before you ever touch it with a knife? Well, we most certainly would NOT, thank you.
We won't settle for bullsh*t. We want actual meat, coming from the best breeds. Grown naturally and ethically on Czech farms.

Feelin' the same way? Join the herd and meet actual meat – MASO! A brand new private brand of Rohlik.cz that we helped to establish and spread the word about the meaty revolution that’s coming their way.

We fight for the meat quality both in an epic spot introducing our loooooooong consumer journey (66s in 6 frames, oops) and print campaign taking over those big cities of the Czech republic.


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“Can we please move the cows slightly to the left?”

Director to his assistant