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The end of squinting in Czech Republic!

Do you have trouble reading this text without squinting? Maybe you're haveing a stroke... or...Maybe you just need glasses! But not just any glasses, the ones from Lentiamo!

Vasecocky.cz went through rebranding and wanted us to let everyone know about it. So we did. And it was fun! We came up with a simple yet crystal clear idea: "when you don’t see well– everyone can tell". And for the TVC we basically made a western movie with glasses in the lead role.
We call it “Wild Wild Eyesight”.

P.S.:Fun fact: the puppy in the spot is called Felix – the dog of our art director Artiom. Since then Felix's career skyrocketed, he made it to Hollywood, starred in John Wick 5 and other bestselling flicks. He became incredibly famous, started to party and gamble a whole lot, and ultimately lost everything. Now he's clean and on a lookout for a bitch he could finally settle down with.


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„Dude, are you pissed off or you just need glasses?“

Our copywriter to our squinting creative director.