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Do you know what time is it? It is time for a proper coffee break

Our client Jihlavanka is one of the most traditional brands on the Czech market. Especially in the coffee industry. Everybody knows it. The problem was that it has become too traditional. Veteran. Old. Coffee for the grandma. So our task was to change this. To bring Jihlavanka to the 21st century, make it bolder, more self-confident, but keep its main value - honest work - at the same time.

Option number one would be doing the classic coffee campaign full of young super happy shutterstock people sniffing coffee through the door in their suspiciously clean and expensive apartment, or dancing on a balcony with their mug beloved...
But since we believe that the future of advertising is hidden in words: “please, stop bullshiting people”, we tried a different approach. Naturalism, authenticity, human language (Captain Obvious? Not so much in our industry, if you think about it).

We took a natural everyday occasion - coffee break during work - and claimed it for ourselves, by simply reminding people that they deserve a proper one, and telling them how to do it. As simple as it is. At the end of the day, it is not rocket science. It is coffee.

The communication platform “Proper coffee break” is planned to continue throughout several years, and it’s task is to shift the whole brand into a new and exciting direction, where it becomes a new leader in the Czech coffee industry.

Below you will see the first TVC of the campaign, which launched the entire project.
Brace yourself, because way more is coming

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