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Insta audit

Listen to your instagramers, kids!

South Bohemia region claimed that it is a beautiful destination, perfect for young people and their adventures.
Sounds familiar, right? Anyone could say that… and they do actually. So we took upon ourselves to put their claims to the test! And because we are all responsible adults, reasonable old-school people, we sent professional auditors in there… or did we?
There is only one sort of people that the younger generation will listen to when it comes to travelling - Instagramers. Auditors of the 21st century.
So we brought them to South Bohemia, let them run free, explore, take pictures, comment, review... We simply let them do all the job (oh yeah, that’s how you do it!).

And the results?
Fu*k Yeah!

More detailed results in the case study below.

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"Fu*k, this is the most beautiful place in the world!"

Influencer (after 4 bottles of prosecco)