When you want to change the market, start with yourself!

One thing you need to know about Czech energy market first - it is an ugly place. With fraud-filled history, fine prints at the bottom of each contract, unfair practices – the works. But one day, a local energy provider called Centropol emerged and said "Enough is enough. This has to change".

Well... count us in!

We got to work, but this time, we did so on a much, much deeper level than ever before.We challenged the business model, the products, the strategy, the style, the tone of voice, the logo, the claim, the colors, the suppliers... the list goes on.
Boy, was it fun! It took us nearly two years, but together with an absolutely amazing client's team, we managed to rebuild the brand completely from scratch. And after long preparations and years of unseen hard work, we finally launched the very first campaign, revealing the harsh truth – That 75 % of people overpay for energy without ever knowing it.
And to deliver the message, we used the most natural family occasion – parents, terrorizing their kids ❤️


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"Wow… it's like looking at myself in a horrible mirror."

Every father on the set