Be bold, then grow old!

This one’s a hell of a story. It all began when two dadsthough that their kids’ school bags are kind of 💩, and wanted them to have something better, cooler, higher in quality.

Solution? Simple – make the bags yourselves. Add some accessories – bottles, pencil cases, a bunch of other stuff… and voila – you’ve got a brand! It was love at first sight, so when they asked us to make their very first advertising campaign to raise awareness about BAAGL, we could not be more excited. ‍

So, imagine you are young again. A kid – a small person with ideals, hopes and dreams. First day of school is just around the corner, and suddenly, like a sign from heaven, you see this 👇👇👇:

And another campaigns under the umbrella „Grow Bold“ followed. In 2021 we made this badass street style photoshoot, so kids can come back to school in a big style.

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“Forget the actors… Do we have enough ice cream?”

Literally everyone on set as it was like 40°