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The team

Founder / Creative Director
Jan Jelínek

Chinese factory for bad jokes, B&T master chef. Never enters a room like a normal person.

Jérémie Bertolino

Steve Jobs meets Zinedine Zidane. Always has suspiciously perfect haircut.

Account director
Andrea Daičová

Head of morale and happiness. Dances while talking - which she does all the time.

Head of Art
Petra Bíró

The only Hogwarts alumni in B&T. Tolerates muggles… most of the time at least.

Creative Director
Ondřej Peša

Champion of “let's do it tomorrow”. Loves Hawai pizza and is not ashamed of it!

Creative Director
Mathieu Zylberait

Male. French. Knows exactly 7 czech words after 5 years of living in Prague.

Senior Account Manager
Kristina Pokorná

Swimming pools connoisseur. Once did a somersault over a glass of wine, and never spilled a drop.

Account Manager
Hana Opatrná

When God was evening people out by giving them evil features... Hanka forgot to stop by.

Boris Múdry

That one person who actually gives a damn. Constantly competing with Jan in how many bad jokes can be made in a minute's time.

Lucie Gromusová

Grammar queen, concentrated fun. Loves impersonating different people… But always sounds exactly the same.

Helena Vavrdová

The duchess of epic burns. Mean sarcasm machine. Attended probably every music festival in the known Universe.

Art Director
Michaela Mildorfová

Actually making the world a better place on the side. Any signs of darkness in her soul are yet to be discovered.

Art Director
Veronika Valentová

Director of all plants in the office. Feeding us cakes baked in heaven.

Graphic Designer
Hyunjin Kim

Rollerskating her way into the sunset. Breaking hearts, stereotypes and Czech language learning speed records.

Graphic Designer / Illustrator
Andie Rudic

Designer, illustrator and founder of a beauty bistro. Can resist anything except cool trends and Bodycombat lesson.

Graphic Designer / Illustrator
Artiom Pitușcan

Legitimate Prince of Moldova. Closeted copywriter.